Atlanta, GA, April 2019: This week, Congresswoman Julia Brownley (D-CA) introduced the Green Bus Act — legislation aimed at encouraging states to follow California’s goal of transitioning to zero-emission buses by incentivizing the transition to ZET bus fleets and setting an important benchmark for nation-wide adoption of zero-emission bus technology.

In brief, the draft Green Bus Act would:

  • Increase funds for the FTA’s Low or No Emission Vehicle Component Assessment Program from the current $3 million to $5 million annually;
  • Increase funds for FTA’s Transit Cooperative Research Program from the current $5 million to $20 million annually;
  • Significantly increase funding for FTA bus programs authorizing $450 million in FY2020, increasing $50 million annually to $900 million in FY2029;
  • Require all new buses purchased with FTA funds be zero-emission buses beginning on October 1, 2029;
  • Incentivize transit agencies to have fleet transition plans;
  • And require DOT to issue a best-practices report on zero-emission bus programs to help states and transit operators share lessons learned.


CTE has been working closely with the Congresswoman’s staff on this legislation to help her reach her goals of supporting the zero-emission bus transition. We have identified tools and solutions to develop a meaningful proposal that allows transit agencies to transition in a thoughtful and cost-effective manner.