San Diego Zero Emission Bus Roadmap & Pilot Program

San Diego Zero Emission Bus Roadmap & Pilot Program

The Center for Transportation & the Environment (CTE) will be working with San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) to assist with their Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) Pilot Program. CTE will build a model using real-world route data and simulate bus performance in order to aid operational decisions for MTS. CTE will also work with the transit agency and local utility providers to determine utility rate schedules that would be the most appropriate for the type of charging that the transit agency will use in their deployment. This pilot program will pave the way for MTS’s transition towards 100% zero emissions.

CTE is joined by AECOM and Fiedler Group, and shall be subcontracted to assist in the assessment of SDMTS facilities to accommodate electric charging and/or hydrogen refueling infrastructure and assess impact to depot operations and maintenance.

Project Manager

Steve Clermont

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Geographic Location

West Coast

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Battery Electric