City of Ames Transit Zero Emission Bus Planning Study

City of Ames Transit Zero Emission Bus Planning Study

The Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) was selected by the Ames Transit Agency (CyRide) in Iowa to create their Zero-Emission Bus (ZEB) Roadmap. The ZEB Roadmap will provide a feasibility and deployment plan determining actions and costs that would need to be taken to maximize battery electric bus (BEB) usage in CyRide’s daily service. CTE will assist CyRide on creating bus modeling and route simulations for the agency’s entire bus transit service to provide a recommendation on where BEBs can be operated efficiently within their system. CyRide is an administrative agency of the City of Ames, Iowa, operating service for both the city and Iowa State University. CyRide has grown rapidly over the past decade, expanding from a system averaging approximately 4 million rides per year to a system quickly approaching 7 million rides per year, or 106 rides per capita.

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Steve Clermont

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Battery Electric