Atlanta, GA, June 2019 ­– Last weekend, Proterra’s first zero-emission bus (ZEB) was inducted into the National Bus Museum in Hershey, PA.  This bus was successfully designed, built, and demonstrated around North America under a partnership between the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), Proterra, and CTE, among others.  Proterra is now an established U.S.-based battery electric bus manufacturer and CTE Leadership Circle member.  The success of the first bus was critical in helping to jumpstart the ZEB industry in the United States.

CTE has helped hundreds of U.S. companies move cutting-edge technologies into the global marketplace. When Dale Hill, the founder of Proterra, approached CTE in 2005, Proterra had two employees and an innovative plan to build an electric bus. CTE helped Proterra secure funding for the first prototype and managed the bus build and demonstration of this bus on behalf of the FTA.

By 2013, CTE had helped to raise $36 million for Proterra and managed the demonstration of 21 of Proterra’s first 38 buses. Jason Hanlin, Senior Engineering Consultant and Director of Technology Development at CTE, managed this project and was an integral part of the build of Proterra’s first electric bus.

“It has been exciting to be a part of taking Dale’s design from a concept to the street and then on to changing an industry for the better,” said Hanlin.  “There were many twists, turns, and challenges that could not have been overcome without the help, support, and trust of everyone involved.”

Fourteen years later, Proterra is now firmly established as a leader in the ZEB market.  CTE is honored to have the opportunity to contribute to Proterra’s success.

  • Proterra's prototype fuel cell bus without its wrap