Seneca Electric Bus Fleet Project

Seneca Electric Bus Fleet Project

CTE, in partnership with Seneca, SC and Clemson Area Transit is managing a bus replacement project in which three conventionally fueled diesel transit buses will be replaced with three 35′ Fast Charge Battery Electric transit buses, operating as a fare-free service in Seneca, SC.  Seneca’s transit fleet is operated by Clemson Area Transit (CAT), the largest public fare-free transit service in the U.S., serving an estimated two million passengers per year.  Deploying zero-emission all-electric buses provides a unique opportunity for FTA to demonstrate the viability of these technologies to reduce energy consumption and emissions and to establish the nation’s first transit system with no carbon footprint.  The project will be implemented over a 36-month performance period, which includes 1 year of vehicle production, followed by 2 years of data collection and reporting.

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Blake Whitson

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Battery Electric