Public Hydrogen Fueling Stations

Public Hydrogen Fueling Stations

CTE is working with various project teams to install public hydrogen fueling stations at strategic locations in California. CTE will work with our member Linde LLC to build two stations in San Ramon and at the Oakland International Airport and will assist with project management and outreach tasks. The projects are largely being funded by the California Energy Commission under the state’s alternative fuels program, to build up to 100 hydrogen fueling stations throughout California with $200 million of funds allocated by the legislature. As a result of CEC’s recent grant awards of $46.6 million, CEC will add 13 new hydrogen fueling locations in Northern California and 15 in Southern California to complement 10 existing fueling stations and 19 presently under development.

Project Manager

Jaimie Levin

Funding Source

CA Energy Commission

Geographic Location

West Coast

Technology Focus

Fuel Cell