Long Beach Transit Electric Bus Program

Long Beach Transit Electric Bus Program

CTE, in partnership with Long Beach Transit (LBT) in Long Beach, CA has partnered over the years to deploy a number of electric buses. The project descriptions are as follows:

CTE and LBT is purchasing and deploying up to 10 30/35-foot coaches will replace conventionally fueled diesel transit buses with battery electric transit buses operated by LBT. The Zero-Emission Battery Electric Transit Bus Evaluation Project presents a unique and innovative way to produce dramatic reductions in GHG emissions generated by bus fleet operations as well as a significant reduction in energy consumption. The project will be implemented over a 42-month performance period, which includes 6 months for compilation of project design/build RFPs, 1 year of vehicle production and deployment, and installation of fast and slow charging stations. This phase will be followed by 2 years of data collection and reporting. This project was made possible by the funding of the Transit Investments for Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction (TIGGER) Program.

CTE and LBT has won additional funding to continue the support of transitioning to zero-emisison buses. CTE continues to provide project consulting on LBT’s ZEB transition. This project will further LBT’s movement towards a clean fleet by 2020 and transition to an all-electric fleet in an effective way through expert planning and collaboration by both parties. The continuation of this project was made possible by the funding of the Low-No Grant program through the¬†Federal Transit¬†Administration (FTA).

Project Manager

Steve Clermont

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Geographic Location

West Coast

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Battery Electric