Emerging Technology Verification

Emerging Technology Verification

CTE, in partnership with Truck Emission Control Technologies, Inc., (TECT) is managing a project that will test the performance of diesel emissions reduction technology on truck fleets in San Antonio, TX, and Indianapolis, IN. This project is funded through the Environmental Protection Agency’s Emerging Technologies Program and will be based on products developed by TECT, a developer and manufacturer of particulate control technology located in Anderson, IN. The Texas Diesel Testing and Research Center at the University of Houston was selected to perform laboratory emission testing for the validation of the new technology in real-world applications.

The project will focus on the retrofit of seven trucks in Houston and Indianapolis, followed by chassis dynamometer testing and data acquisition on the road. The technology is based on a proprietary composite wire mesh media for the collection of sub-micron and nano-size particles at high efficiencies. The system is augmented with an exhaust gas recirculation for the reduction of nitrogen oxides. Anticipated outcomes include the broad commercialization of the new product, alleviating particle and smog pollution in non-attainment areas in the country, as well as the creation of new jobs.

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Erik Bigelow

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