City of Spokane Zero-Emission Bus Planning Study

City of Spokane Zero-Emission Bus Planning Study

The Center for Transportation & the Environment (CTE) will be working with Spokane Transit Authority (STA) to create a planning study in order to completely convert their fleet to zero-emission buses.¬†While the analysis will encompass STA’s entire fixed-route service, considering transition over an extended period of time, part of the analysis will specifically focus on the Monroe-Regal and Central City High Performance Transit (HPT) Lines in consideration of near-term ZEB adoption.¬†This analysis will identify, on a lifecycle basis, the economic costs, performance issues, risks, and recommended timeline associated with deployment of ZEB’s on the HPT lines as well as STA’s entire fleet. The results of this analysis will inform STA decision-making in the areas of policy, procurement, and technology.

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Kylie McCord

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Battery Electric