Member Benefits

Members enjoy many benefits, including alerts to funding opportunities, industry and networking events, and participation in collaborative project teams.

Funding Opportunities – Members have a jump on the competition when CTE staff alert them to funding opportunities and provide support in developing successful teams, proposals, and negotiation strategies.

Consulting Services – Members receive contract management services for projects ranging in value from thousands to millions of dollars. Staff members are well positioned to negotiate partnerships and develop proposals on your behalf.

Public Policy Efforts – CTE is uniquely positioned to provide members with invaluable guidance and insight into policy at federal, state, and local levels. Let CTE get the word out about you and what your organization can offer.

Networking – Members enjoy opportunities to team with potential business partners, customers, and suppliers. All members are invited to attend our annual meeting that not only provides technical and business information, but also serves as a forum to discuss ideas and market strategies.

Public Outreach and Education Programs – CTE coordinates media campaigns to keep key media professionals informed about our projects and members, thereby providing valuable public visibility. Additionally, CTE has expertise in developing education, outreach and training materials for the deployment of advanced transportation technologies.

Ready to enjoy these benefits and more?