2017 North American Fuel Cell Bus Conference

This international event was held November 2nd & 3rd in Canton, Ohio. Please access all speaker presentations below. If you have any concerns or technical questions, contact lauren@cte.tv


Jack Kitowski

Session 1 :: What is the Hydrogen Economy & How Does Transit Fit?

Nicolas Pocard

Andrew Rezin

Joseph Mercurio

Chris Kretz

Session 2 :: Operator to Operator Roundtable

Kirt Conrad

Salvador Llamas

David Yorke

Bill Habibe


Andreas Truckenbrodt

Session 3 :: Proven Reliability & Future Support

Nico Bouwkamp

Leslie Eudy

Yeshwanth Premkumar

Brian Bowers

Nirmal Gnanapragasam


Sunita Satyapal

Session 4 :: Driving Bus Volume & Strategic Infrastructure Investment

David Warren

Ben Madden

Garret Duffy

Steve Jones

 Fuel Cell Buses are An Electric Bus Option:

  • Fuel cell electric buses are just like battery electric buses, but instead of storing all of the energy in batteries, the electricity is generated on-board via a fuel cell.
  • A fuel cell is simply a device that transforms hydrogen into electricity.  Water is the only emission.
  • Fuel cell technology offers all of the performance of a diesel transit bus without any harmful emissions.
  • Fuel cell bus costs have decreased by 50% in the last 10 years and are expected to come down another 30-40% in the near future.
  • Hydrogen production integrates very well with renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.
  • Fuel cell buses are being deployed in greater numbers all over the world.